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We are optimistic risk-takers that roll up our sleeves and help technology entrepreneurs achieve better results.

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TPY Capital is a venture capital fund investing in early and revenue stage technology startups in the fields of Quantum Computing, Cloud and Data infrastructure, Human-Augmentation, New Data and Enterprise Productivity. 

We are passionate hands-on investors who firmly believe that execution excellence and strategic thinking is key to achieving systematic value creation. We are committed to actively support our entrepreneurs, serial and first-time alike, in those areas, beyond their expectations from value-adding investors.

TPY is backed by institutional investors, global family offices and accomplished entrepreneurs. 

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Ori Goshen
Ori GoshenAI21
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"TPY is a true partner that is completely immersed in the business and plays a vital role in every aspect of the company. Their extensive network is invaluable, whether for market validation, strategic partnerships, hiring or potential customers, they got it covered. If you're looking for more than just money, and wish to partner with a killer team that works hard with you toward success, TPY is your partner of choice."
Talmon Marco
Talmon MarcoH2Pro
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"TPY is very entrepreneur-friendly. They are genuinely trying to help us when they can - and no less important- not stand in the way when they cannot. As a serial entrepreneur, I can say TPY is the partner you can share ideas with and get meaningful feedback. A fund you can consult with, ask for intros or just vent at the end of a bad day. Dealing with TPY before, during, and after the investment has been a real pleasure."
Erez Nahom
Erez NahomKonnecto
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"What we found extraordinary and made the difference for us from day one with TPY was their ability to swiftly decode our company's vision, product, and scale plans, provide us with laser-focused strategic guidance as if they had been building our specific venture in the past. TPY has helped us source and recruit key talents and made valuable introductions to high-profile customers and investors."
Dror Weiss
Dror WeissCodota
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"TPY was very methodical and analytical during the due diligence process; they dove deep into the numbers to understand the user dynamics and unit economics. Their engagement with founders is professional, respectful, friendly, and thoughtful. I value their candid feedback on budgeting, decisions, and potential hirings. I'm happy and proud to have partners such as Dekel, Guy, and Dan working with us."
Shimon Hason
Shimon HasonOzCode
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"The TPY team is always willing to work hard for its companies. I enjoy working directly with the board member and broader team who are always available and provide honest, direct feedback in ways that make it enjoyable to work together. They've been especially helpful with topics such as planning, product/market fit, and networking with industry leaders and companies."
Dor Herman
Dor HermanOneView
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"They see themselves as your partners even before the investment. TPY empowers OneView by helping us with strategic decisions through methodic thinking and positive attitude, while utilizing their rich network to harness potential partnerships that can contribute to implementing the company's strategy. TPY has the patience to look at the long term/bigger picture, which is essential for building a successful venture."
Lior Akavia
Lior Akavia Seebo
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“TPY Capital is much more than an investor – it is a real partner to us. We were lucky enough to have our pick of investors and chose TPY. They’re practical, globally connected, and plainly speaking – creatively smart and it makes a real difference for us.”
Gil Sadeh
Gil Sadeh Signals Analytics
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“Most importantly; they get the vision. They see where the company can get to and they really help us get there. They supported us with intros to investors, with access to various forms of capital, and in recruiting talent and open doors to Fortune 500 accounts. They don’t just invest and wait for things to happen, they come to work!”
Ariel Soudak
Ariel SoudakSongo
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“They even help us interview and find C-level executives. TPY has a lot of impact in the company and we welcome it, that’s what we wanted. Its most influential involvement in Songo was to help us reshape our strategy moving forward.”

Investment Team

Investment Team

Guy Yamen
Managing Partner
Dekel Persi
Managing Partner
Dan Pinchasi
Investment Associate
Shlomit Harth
Venture Partner
Timor Haddad
Team Assistant