A venture capital fund focused on revenue generating B2B technology companies.

Our Team

Investment Team

Guy Yamen
Managing Partner
Dekel Persi
Managing Partner
Dan Pinchasi
Timor Haddad
Team Assistant

Board of Experts

Belinda Wong
CEO Starbucks China
Daniel Bren
IDF Brig.-General (Res.)
Prof. Yoav Shoham
AI Professor
Stanford University
Prof. Frank Moss
Former Director
MIT Labs

Beyond capital

You can count on our hands-on support with key value creation activities:


We help develop a 100-days plan including honing of the value proposition, product-market fit, go-to market , and channel strategy.


We connect companies with clients, channels and industry leaders as well as world-class practitioners. You’re welcome to test drive this during our evaluation and due diligence process.

Human Capital & Scale

Key person mistakes are very costly. We help identify and recruit the right top-notch talent in Israel and the US, tailor the appropriate organization structure, and maximize talent retention.


We save teams time and efforts in preparing for subsequent rounds, be it equity or venture debt. We help identify, chose and maximize value of future rounds. Our follow-on strategy, and network of co-investors and later-stage investors allow leaders to focus on execution and spend less time on fundraising.

Financial Management

We assist companies with budget planning, cash flow management, infrastructure and interface with relevant service providers. We help build, coach and support your finance team. 

What we are looking for

Founders find that interacting with us helps them in problem solving even if we’re not a match for the current round. 
You’re always welcome to connect with us and discuss your growth plans. Please get in touch with us if:


You and your team:

Are facing a big growth potential and realize the challenges ahead. 
You want to surround yourself with investors that get your vision and the challenges ahead.

Are curious, courageously ambitious and also relentlessly pragmatic and result driven.

Are seeking partners that don’t have answers to all business questions but ask tough questions 
that help you make the right critical decisions in your path for growth.

Your company, your product:

Is enterprise-focused (B2B).

Leverages the exponentially growing power of data and machine intelligence.

And / or: solves critical enterprise problems, improve decision making, 
create new and proprietary data sets, or automate processes.

And / or: make enterprise organizations more efficient and effective.

Your activity sector:

We invest across multiple verticals, such as Enterprise Software, Big Data & Analytics, IoT, Agri-tech, Fintech, HR tech, and Cloud Infrastructure.

we invest only in Israeli and Israeli related companies. 

Our Community & Non-profit activities

We strongly believe that diversity and inclusion is not only socially responsible but also drives value. This is why we support Power In Diversity for inclusion in the Israeli Tech sector, and we encourage all our partners to actively work on diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

We believe that giving back to society is a moral obligation. We are a proud member of Tmura, the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund, and we expect all our portfolio companies to donate to Tmura.

We believe in the power of human networks. We are proud partner of ICoN Bridging the Israeli and Silicon Valley tech ecosystems.

Zero tolerance for unethical behavior

We are standing strong against all forms of harassment.

We fully endorse and subscribe to the Statement of Members of the Israeli Venture Capital Industry on Addressing Sexual Harassment and Predatory Conduct.