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We are proud to announce that Autodesk recognizes Seebo as the leading IoT platform in the market and has decided to invest in Seebo to promote a joint effort to broaden the Fusion 360 and Fusion Connect offerings, empowering both manufacturers and developers to start developing IoT Products more seamlessly.

Seebo allows manufacturers to add IoT design elements to the CAD environment offered by Autodesk, empowering them to design IoT products through a breadth of design tools bespoke to IoT manufacturing.

Then, through the Seebo platform, the transition from the design phase to development is smooth and largely automated. Seebo enables any product company to transform simple products into a smart technology, and the partnership with Autodesk is another great milestone in accomplishing our goals.


Elementor #2106

 מנסה לנקות את התדמית? בזן משקיעה במנוע צמיחה ירוק אולי כדי לשנות במשהו את הדימוי של בית הזיקוק שלה במפרץ חיפה — משקיעה בזן בחברה שמפתחת טכנולוגיה לייצור מימן ירוק ■ בזן תנסה להשתלב במגמה

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