Lead with Intelligence

Signals Analytics

Powerful product intelligence driven by data, geared towards action.

Signals Playbook™, a single platform capable of managing different types of data, performing analyses, and linking those insights to real new product development decisions. We enable corporations and their product teams to build better, more successful products by transforming multiple external big data sources into actionable intelligence findings.



2012 (Round A)

2015 (Round B)



The IoT Platform

Seebo gives companies the tools and technology to develop and launch smart products.Consumers have changed and expect their products to be smarter, more dynamic, and provide a richer experience. While bringing a smart product to market can be a long, complicated and costly process, Seebo provides companies with a simple end-to-end solution, so you can create the smart products that consumers are already waiting for

2014 (Round A)

Songo Media

Songo is a global cross-platform advertising network optimal monetization solutions for performance, brands and agencies

Using cutting edge in-house technological capabilities and a global reach, Songo Media tailors solutions for each client and partner on every digital arena. Songo Media has the tools, resources and know-how to deliver bottom line results, improve user engagement and increase ROI.





ClickTale®, the pioneer of enterprise Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Management, enables businesses to maximize engagement and revenue by optimizing visitor interactions with websites on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

ClickTale’s ready-to-use SaaS solution effortlessly integrates with and adds powerful new insights and visualizations to traditional Web Analytics, A/B Testing and Voice-of-Customer tools.

Clicktale’s global customer base includes Global Fortune 1000 companies, such as Wal-Mart Stores, Home Depot, Vodafone, Metlife and Adobe.